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The Inexplicable Ignition Of Time Exploding Into Free Space

May 6th, 2011

The Inexplicable Ignition Of Time Exploding Into Free Space

the inexplicable ignition of time exploding into free space - in two phases -
phase one: from nothing into something
phase two: the start of light, color - the birth of the primordial gods.

encompassing the beginning to the present. conscious thought and abstract cognitions.
the inexplicable ignition of time expanding into free space : phase one ( nothing to something ).
a series of abstract ink painting and splatter representing the beginning of time, the universe and everything. in this ideational representation to the theories of the beginning of time. the mysteries of the universe and the solemn notion that it is possible we are apart of living cosmos and our consciousness is only a small fraction of what is true.
within phase one, the journey shows the universe beginning its dark matter. giving way to the explosion of color and life, followed in phase two.
this series is also a direct prologue to the idle explosion series as well the current new work in progress.

the series is created with gallery installation in mind, combining abstract video loops projected upon the walls and ceiling.
along with abstract, experimental sound recordings and loops as well as the painting imagery. created for an exhibition with full immersion of the senses.