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~ Within expression you see the truth inside the soul of Man Kind. ~
In the Artwork of Mark M Mellon, the artist sets forth to dictate the expressions of man, from simplistic features of joy to detailed grimaces of fear and pain. To explore the condition of man and our placement in the world we find ourselves in is his main drive in the work he produces. Igniting conversation amongst the viewers, who always seem to find their own story or sense of self within the scattered brush marks or the hard contacts of color.
Mellon is a self made artist. Opting to not attend the School of Visual Arts in New York, he went on his own journey, traveling europe and seeking his own identity and truths in life. For the past 16 years he continued his study of art history along with psychology, mythology and religions on his own and amongst the fellow artisans and people he would happen to come across in his journey.
Mellon's Art work is collected world wide and currently represented in Mexico by SoHo Galleries in Merida, Yucatan.

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